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I couldn’t help myself: I couldn’t not get a shot of Layla’s potty face!

Giddy up!

Haha, I love this face—she looks cute here. It’s like she’s thinking 'Mmm. Dat baby food shit is good.' :P

❤ ❤ ❤

I hope the Sims 4 genetics work better than the Sims 3’s. That’s what I loved most about The Sims 2: they had dominant and recessive genes, and I think you got something in between the parents’ features instead of having an exact copy of this parent’s eyes, that parent’s nose, etc.

She is just precious! Omg.

I looove her!

I can’t decide if I should make Kara a mermaid or not. I want to play a mermaid but it takes the fun out of leveling her diving skill. Maybe after she’s mastered her diving skill, but then that would take a while.